And from those communities, emerge leaders. The trailblazers. The people others want to follow. Often, these leaders create new communities. People gravitate toward them and embrace the mission as their own. A mission as lofty as promoting green technology or as easy as playing Frisbee golf on Saturday afternoons.

Social media makes it easier than ever to connect with our communities. We rekindle friendships. Reconnect with former colleagues. Or perhaps even spark a romance. And the relationships we build often transcend the net. We form communities of neighbors, coworkers, and like-minded individuals with shared interests. Sheltering the homeless. Building a new playground. Complaining about the Yankees.

Community inspires leadership. Leadership inspires community. It’s a self–perpetuating ecosystem.  And one that EVR is committed to being a part of. Supporting our own New Hampshire community. Helping our clients connect with their consumer base. Even fostering a sense of community within our own walls. And with the inauguration of our blog, we’d like to welcome you into our community.

Read. Comment. Enjoy. It’s a simple mission and one that we hope you join.