What could be more fun than watching paint dry? Actually, not much.

If you’re curious about artists, then it’s impossible to resist wondering about the differences in style, form, and meaning.

Most artists view the world differently. They respond to their surroundings in ways non-artists would never dream of, and then create visual responses that are often engaging, annoying, energizing, inspiring and yes, at times, completely repulsive.

It’s fascinating to see the exact same stimuli handled completely differently depending on the artist. Case in point: you see a group of artists painting “en plein air” outdoors. They position themselves in different places, not only to stay out of each other’s way, but because different views appeal to their aesthetic. And the final painting? Well, it could be a faithful rendering of the scene or perhaps an expressive, Monet-like piece full of colorful brushstrokes.

Artists usually work alone – outdoors or in a studio – not because they’re anti-social but because the process requires intense attention. Of course, there are times when artists must socialize. And these are the moments that try some artists’ spirits, but in the end, it can be a most energizing experience.

And it’s in these moments where we can begin to understand why artists do what they do. Where artists connect with a community of browsers, fans, educators, and collectors. And perhaps these connections turn into life-long, supportive friends.

Or better yet, art collectors.