Surfing in New Hampshire carries a certain stigma. A coastline featuring small waves and cold water doesn’t attract your typical beach bunny. But it does bring together a unique group of people who seek the same thing: A remarkable experience with nature that’s worth squeezing into a wetsuit and risking hypothermia.

And it’s catching on. Surfing in New Hampshire has really taken off in the last 15 years. The surfer population has doubled, and doubled again. On other coastlines, a crowded lineup of surfers can cause a problem. Who goes first? Why did that guy just take my wave and try to run me over? Surfers “call” waves and arguments ensue.

In New Hampshire, this rarely happens. “Right of wave” is ruled by position, and even if it’s violated, nobody fights over it. The locals set the pace without saying a word. Wave after wave, guys and girls take their rides. If you’re in “the spot” (where the wave peaks) – the wave is yours. If not, you paddle out for the next one.

Perhaps New Hampshire surfers are too laid back. Maybe the rugged conditions weed out people who aren’t rugged enough. Whatever the reason, whether its New Hampshire Surfers or New Hampshire Advertising and Business Professionals, we all win when we allow each other to take a turn.