Remember when uniqueness was valued? When originality was admired and being thought of as bohemian was, well, a real compliment?

Today, social media values uniformity – and devalues non-conformity. Look at trends in Twitter. Tweeters are rewarded for commenting on the trending topics of the day, hour or minute. Sure, other topics may be appealing, but not enough to attract the attention of the broader Twittersphere.

Is having thousands of followers really as valuable as we think? And why are they following you to begin with? Perhaps they have an incredible urge to follow your every tweet (and to increase their own following). Or maybe they’re hoping to develop their own tweetable voice. Let’s hope it’s the latter.

So what will come of the trend of following trends? Is there space between the trending topics for original thinking to emerge? Let’s hope creative leaders of movements and causes develop ways to bring their unique and potentially mind-changing views to the top of the Twittersphere.

I’ll be following the process…will you?