Fall is upon us. The nights are crisp, the leaves are changing, and children are back to school.  Historically, communities would celebrate this season with an event. For years, dedicated volunteers have been engaged in public events in order to strengthen a sense of community by bringing people together to reach a common objective. This reference defined as a “coming together” metaphor dates back to the 18th Century – a Barn raising.

I wonder if the folks who started this tradition, ever thought that the term, “barn raising” would be used as an analogy for describing the process of bringing people together so that the “collective good will can be harnessed to do even greater things” in the 21st Century. The term today is used more often than not as a metaphor for a local community event. In either case, “barn raising” activities create benefits for a community, generates a sense of accomplishment,  strengthens social bonds, and brings people together, even though individual motivations may differ.

It is quite impressive that leadership within a community has been spearheading “barn raising” events ever since neighborhoods and communities have formed. The evolution to present day is a true testament to the success of bringing people together for a common goal. Whether it be a fundraising event, networking event or a team building event. Isn’t it refreshing that we can embrace an old tradition into the changed tradition? Happy Fall.