If you view social media as the solution to your business problems, you’ll be disappointed.  Social media won’t fix your problems, it will only amplify them.

For example, social media can attract lots of valuable leads into your sales funnel.  By using the right “demand marketing” tools, your business will be discovered by people shopping in your industry and you’ll establish credibility and trust with them.  Now you’re working smarter, not harder.  But strong sales and marketing fundamentals must be in place in order to nurture these leads into real prospects and clients.  Only then can social media come into play in a positive way, amplifying effective processes and reaching out as transparency and credibility grow

Similarly, a Facebook page might be a great way to create a connector point among employees in your workplace.  A meeting place for employees to share, bond, and generate camaraderie.  But it surely will not be an automatic fix for any employee morale problems you may have.  In fact, it might only make the problem worse by offering a podium for those employees who want to share their beefs with others.

How about using social media as a platform to facilitate great customer service?  Sure.  But fundamental problems in the way you handle customers will hurt you even more if you elevate customer interaction through social media. Remember this: Zappos was great at customer service before they ever entered into the world of social media.

Social media is a powerful amplifier.  It doesn’t fix an ineffective sales force, neutralize employees who make bad decisions, replace bad customer service, negate a poor website, or automatically fix any other weaknesses your business may have.  It only magnifies them.