Crayola’s Twitter bio is fitting for both the brand – and its approach to social media.

Colorful and playful, yet remarkably strategic.

The other day, the Creative Department put out a commemorative box of Crayola Crayons. As we sorted through the rainbow of colors, we got a little misty as we remembered our favorite crayons like Burnt Orange, Periwinkle, and Goldenrod. And the sentimental feeling transcended creative types. Everyone had Crayola memories from interns to EVPs.

“I love the smell of crayons.”

“The built-in sharpener was really cool.”

“My favorite Christmas present was my box of sixty-four colors.”

As a brand, Crayola’s strength lies in nostalgia. It’s as if we’re all part of the Crayola community. We grow up, but we never forget. But Crayola doesn’t simply rely on nostalgia to sell product.

As a Brand Manager, I applaud the innovative ways that Crayola has augmented their product line – enhancing the brand essence of the multi-sensory coloring experience. From glitter crayons to floral scented wonders to those that glow in the dark. There’s a product to spark every child’s (or adult’s) imagination.

Most importantly, a vital online community supports the brand. Crayola’s Twitter and Facebook feeds boast thousands of followers and fans. And their website engages people of all ages with craft ideas, coloring pages, and games. There’s even a live artist that you can watch and interact with. Plus, there are special areas just for parents and teachers with lesson plans, art tips, and party ideas.

After 100 years, the Crayola brand continues to thrive.

And future brand loyalists are born every day.