At this time of year, I like to stop and reflect on one of the greatest examples of legendary, dare I say mythical, leadership we’ll ever know.

As a youngster, he grew up in a village where all the children were expected to develop the necessary tools to take flight as great leaders. However, many in his community thought he didn’t have what it took to shine. He was awkward and struggled with basic coordination and teamwork skills. Every day, he dealt with such ridicule and bullying that he considered running away and never looking back.

Yet there was one characteristic he possessed – one brilliant skill that made him stand out from the rest – and thankfully one man saw through the fog of uncertainty and gave him an opportunity to shine. A man of compassion and generosity, he took our young, untested leader and hitched him to a team of veterans. And by doing so, harnessed his special skill to lead the way.

Grabbing the reins of opportunity, our hero flew and never looked back. Stealthily cutting through the thickest of challenges, he was able to dash his way to success – inspiring not only the elders and peers in his village but also men, women and children along the way.

Today Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s brilliant example continues to inspire people of all ages. His story is a lesson that leadership, inspiration and greatness can come from anyone, at any age.

Happy holidays!