It’s easy to get swept away in the newest, the latest, and the greatest. I work in the ad business – a catalyst for attracting markets to our clients’ newest, latest, and greatest offerings. But for all the newness, I see the same old. Just a lot more of it.

You call it digital or new media, I call it just another channel. You call it YouTube, and I call it television but on a different channel. You call it a social media tribe; I call it a virtual click. You call it crowdsourcing; I call it good old fashioned listening.

Admittedly, I couldn’t begin to list all the latest social and digital media tools available to us without spending countless hours down the hall with my technically indoctrinated colleagues. But one thing I do know, although human nature continues to exhibit expanding abilities to process information, the way in which we make decisions continues to follow steps in the buying process that are as old as the hills. (By the way, I’m not implying I’ve been to those hills.)

But for more than twenty-five years, I’ve told countless clients: “Whether you’re buying a stick of gum or a new car, the consideration process may be different, but the steps are identical.” And it’s this process that holds the key to making the world of digital marketing effective. Product information, peer opinion, and customer satisfaction reports at our fingertips, concurrence-marketing models with sniper-like ability to target willing buyers, subscribe or unsubscribe, it all hails to the age-old buying process. No matter what.

So there lives the lens of utter simplicity through which I view the ever-changing world of digital media.


Photo credit flickr: ilovememphis