Barack Obama’s presidential campaign brand mark introduced in 2008 was very unique in the political world. The circular/world-like graphic reinforced both an American fruited plains image as well as a global one. It embodied a “President of the World” idea.

The red and white stripes act as roadways leading to somewhere on the distant horizon. A sort of follow the yellow brick road/pied piper thing; beckoning voters to “follow me”. Very clever use of visual metaphors in the political arena. Classic red, white and blue colors keep it distinctly American in its look and feel.

The rising sun or setting sun (depending on whether you are a glass half full or half empty person) adds a sense of hope for a new day dawning. Very effective and memorable. Using the initial of Obama’s last name as the shape of the brand logo was a very smart design decision–especially since he was not widely known–it helped to build name recognition early on in the campaign.

President Obama had the good fortune of a short memorable name—oh, and that charisma thing– and the chance to be the first black president–and the legions of young people passionate about the opportunity to make history. Fans, followers, believers, messages about hope and change—a campaign’s winning strategy.

A campaign is so much more than a brand mark. And by the looks of this 2012 campaign logo update, the now iconic symbol is all it takes to recognize his brand—very well done from a design point of view.

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Be sure to exercise your American right to vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. 


Image from: Obama 2012 Campaign Website