…print, tag, tweet, post, share… News breaks across the country every minute. But unlike the past, news now travels through a multitude of unique channels. As a result, media is becoming more fragmented than ever before, which is having a huge impact on how public relations professionals function.

Before social media, public relations  stories were shared through press releases and media advisories via fax and email that targeted television networks, newspapers and radio stations. As a natural extension of these efforts, social media allows public relations professionals to facilitate an ongoing conversation in an always-on world through channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

If you’re wondering how to incorporate social media channels into your organization’s public relations efforts, here are some simple steps:

  1. Send a press release to traditional media channels (i.e., newspapers, TV networks, radio stations).
  2. Post the release on your company’s website.
  3. Activate the press release utilizing social media by posting a short summary on channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Within the post, be sure to:
  • Include the URL to the release on your organization’s website so readers can review the entire release.
  • Link to the organizations that are listed in your press release by using the @ symbol before each company name. By doing so, your post will be live on their social media channels and will allow more people to follow the conversation.
  • Encourage your employees to post the story on their personal social media pages.

By utilizing social media channels, you’ll soon realize how your stories can have even greater reach than by using traditional media alone.

Image by ericadotnet photostream