Pictures have always been an important part of our lives. They capture special moments and most importantly, they tell a story. With the invention of camera phones, they now play an instrumental role in our day-to-day lives. By posting images on social media channels, we can instantly entertain our friends and family.

In Public Relations, images also play an important role in helping professionals communicate and engage audiences more effectively. In fact, a picture has the power to say more than an entire article. Therefore, a release with a photo has a much higher chance of being used by media outlets. A picture can also elevate a press release from a pickup of a few column inches on an inside page to a much larger article with more prominent position. To that end, if you are not sending pictures with your company’s press releases, you are missing a vital part of your PR campaign.

Here are a few points to consider when taking a photo and releasing it to the media.

  1. List everyone in the photo from left to right with the company name and title. And, don’t forget to give credit to the photographer.
  2. Make sure the photo tells the same story as the one you’re telling in the release.
  3. If your organization is sponsoring an event or giving a donation and it doesn’t warrant a full release, consider sending out a photo release. Include a few sentences about the photo and send it to your media contacts.
  4. Have some generic photographs taken that represent your business. In some cases, editors are looking for additional shots to include in their story.
  5. Check that all photos meet the proper specs (e.g., print versus web sizes) and that they can be easily sent by email (and won’t overload journalists’ mailboxes).