Surrounded by graphics

Now you see it – now you see it again.

Graphically speaking, that’s how it goes.

Fabrics, jewelry, wallpaper, tattoos, type, packaging, television, tablets, websites, mobile media, user interfaces, social media, movies, photographs, directional signs… Graphic design is all around you: on you, next to you, behind you, and in front of you. It’s as simple and as complex as lines of all widths and lengths, repeated patterns, textures, a multitude of colors – and it can be found in one, two, or even three dimensions.

Even in New Hampshire, we’re exposed to the same visual barrage as the rest of the world.

As an advertising agency, we’re at the heart of developing brands that stand out in our hyper-visual world. And that’s what makes graphic design so entertaining and energizing: the constant effort to create something new that hasn’t been seen before. It’s equal parts satisfying and utterly frustrating. But it’s a lofty goal and one that quality designers take on with pride.

The community of graphic designers is a resilient bunch. We actually enjoy the process of wading through the possibilities, selecting solutions that have promise, vetting the contenders, going back to the drawing board, redesigning, vetting again, and finally putting their best in front of an anxious client. All while staying within budget. Now that’s design magic.

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