How does a mid-size community hospital inform its market of its lifesaving cancer services?

It thinks like a cancer patient, that’s how.

St. Joseph Hospital Cancer Center of Nashua had a clear idea of their preferred media channel–a single billboard. But not just any billboard. This one stands perfectly on Rte. 3 facing northbound traffic in Nashua–one of the busiest stretches of highway in NH and visible to just over 103,000 passing vehicles every day.

What could capture the attention of busy commuters speeding by? Or be memorable? Even strike an emotional chord? And could it also build the St. Joseph Hospital cancer services brand?

A good fight, in six words or less.

The EVR creative team chose an approach that focused on words. No images. (In this case, imagery runs the risk of putting a face on cancer or cancer treatment. We preferred to guide only an emotional response. And we need to do this quickly and concisely.) The solution joined the strengths of St. Joseph Hospital’s care with the honesty of a cancer patient. This would make it engaging.

Making it clever would make it memorable. And more than anything, we need to make it direct.

In reality, cancer starts at the diagnosis. It’s followed by a treatment plan. We fully distilled the message and arrived at the phrases: “Your Cancer. Your Fight.” Naked and bold, and displayed as text only, this simple message has “grab.” Now changing the “o-u-r  f-i-g-h-t” color within the text “Your fight” creates a clever third phrase. Now we’ve made our message memorable.

This copy package salutes the honesty of the patient “Your Cancer. Your Fight,” as well as suggests health care attributes of teamwork and “not fighting alone” as revealed in “our fight.”

A total of twelve subsequent boards will build on this wordplay concept.

The graphic design solution evolved quickly as oversized, san serif, extrabold type on solid black background—high contrast for fast readability. Key words were highlighted in a color aligning with the National Cancer Society’s cancer types providing the series of messages maximum relevance.

Keep an eye on the road, and the other on the lookout for the new campaign.