Digital content marketing is an important part of increasing search engine optimization and demonstrating thought leadership. But an ever-expanding world of social networks, blogs, and competitor websites makes it hard to stand out. So how do you get noticed in all that noise?

Here’s how:

1. Produce great content.
What value will your content provide your audience? By pinpointing your goals and tracking your progress, you can identify what kind of content will resonate with your audience. Be sure to promote your content by publishing links on social networks with catchy headlines that people feel compelled to click.
2.  Find the right frequency.
Don’t over post. If you’re making a lot of unrelated noise, you won’t get clicks on the content that matters.
Don’t under post. The average lifespan of a tweet is two hours, and a Facebook post about four hours. If you don’t post frequently enough, people will miss what you have to say.
3. Limit personal information.
Injecting some personality keeps your content fun and engaging, but avoid posts about what you had for dinner.
4.  Ask and engage.
Social media is all about conversations – solicit information from your followers and be sure to manage your reputation online. Respond to and comment on other people’s blogs and social content. The best way to generate interest in your content is to engage with others about theirs.
 5. Convert digital leads.
Drive social traffic to your web forms in order to offer your best content in exchange for vital prospect contact information.

Photo credit: Manual Focus @Flickr