I don’t have to sell you on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Given the importance of web search in today’s consumer buying process, SEO has become a fundamental building block of a successful business. So it only makes sense to incorporate some simple SEO strategies into your marketing mix.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding SEO and how to improve your performance on the web. While there’s more than one factor that goes into landing that coveted page one ranking, the magic lies in content. Search engines are all about relevance. And nothing says relevance to any particular topic more than posting content about it.

So what should be your first building block? A li’l blog.

Here are five ways to use your blog to improve SEO performance:

1. Content Strategy
Identify the types of topics that resonate with your audience. Take ten minutes to write out content ideas that might interest them. C’mon, you know your business and your customers… it’s not that difficult. Plan out your first few blogs and how you’ll roll them out. Give consideration to timing, frequency, tone and relevancy. Congratulations, you’re on your way to content strategy success!

2. Don’t Write Just To Write
Let’s face it, there’s a lot of useless blogs out there. Your audience wants to read what is interesting and thought provoking. To them, not you. They are looking for direction in solving their problems and breaking through barriers. Engage and influence them by writing “to” them, not “at” them.

3. Refresh, Refresh and Refresh
You ever have the same conversation with someone over and over? It gets old and stale. The same goes for blog content. There is no value in having outdated and repetitive content on your site front and center. Your content needs to be to contemporary and fresh. The best way to stay current and inspired? Commit to keeping up with your own reading! You’ll be amazed how much creative energy you can gain from even 30-60 minutes per day of reading new material.

4. Use Your Network
You have a network of partners. Why not invite them to the party? They can easily advocate for your business by sharing a blog that links to your brand. After all, who doesn’t like being a special guest at a party?

5. I Know, You’re Busy
Guess what, so is everyone else. You prioritize for other important activities in your life. It’s time to include a blog in the mix.

It takes a little effort to carve out a piece of your schedule to sit down and write a thoughtful and purposeful blog post. But you need to get started. The reward is right there on page one.