The snow has melted (though we’ll probably get some more in a few days) and according to studies, over 50% of New Year’s resolutions have been broken by now. That’s a lot of unused gym memberships. But, “love handles” aside, how about a different kind of resolution- one for your New Hampshire business.

Marketing practices and trends can change more abruptly than New England weather, and it’s up to us to adapt and keep up with the innovations.  Traditional marketing is standing strong but with advances in technology there is so much more to learn about & take advantage of beyond Facebook Ads and Pay-Per-Click.

So what more can you do?

Google Inc. has shared their idea for keeping up with the masses, and chances are it will improve your overall ROI.

Focus on content. Strategically. 

If you have a business you have a brand- but do you promote and share that brand so consumers know who you are and what you do? Your brand is essentially what your customers are buying. They know, trust and desire your brand over others. The classic buying process explains the importance of brand strength: It triggers (1) the stimulus, makes it memorable, which drives (2) the purchase and (3) the experience.

The classic buying process carries on, but the web’s role in this buying process has drastically changed with the perpetual inflow of technology. Customers are smarter, more inquisitive, and armed with information at their fingertips. Having pioneered this shift, Google has suggested a complementary step in this buying process which they have coined “Zero Moment of Truth” or “ZMOT”.

ZMOT is the point between the Stimulus and the Purchase where the customer turns to the web for information. They go to your website and blog, they read customer reviews, reach out to peers on social networks, compare prices and product information and visit competitor sites. And what they find fuels the decision to buy, and it’s the same whether you are selling lollipops or healthcare.

Your customers are already looking for and talking about your brand in the digital space. Now it’s up to us to inform, educate, and convert this web traffic as best we can through useful content and access points (web forms) that are relevant to your customers.

It may seem like a daunting task, and it does take work, but it’s definitely a resolution worth keeping. And it’s easier than losing weight.

Just ask Google.