I recently participated in a panel discussion on “Transformational Leadership” organized by the good folks at Sojourn Partners.

Russ Ouellette, Heather Ramsey and Debra Leclair put together what, based on the feedback, turned out to be a very educational and entertaining 90 minutes.

Here’s ten takeaways from the presenters that “inspired” the attendees:

  1. When confronted by situations and decisions that involve risk and make you nervous, ask yourself “What’s the worst that can happen?”
  2. Strive to “deliver plus one”.  Understand what the client wants and expects, then deliver one percent above those expectations.
  3. It is important to have friends at work – with boundaries.  Friendship is critical for full engagement.
  4. Let go of trying to be being perfect.  Don’t spend 20% of your time getting 80% of the job done and 80% of your time on the remaining 20%!
  5. On change: “Sometimes you have to move the old furniture out of the room before you can move the new furniture in.”
  6. Doors are always opening.  You just have to be ready to step through them.
  7. It’s all about your relationships, plain and simple.
  8. You have to do what makes you feel good.  Tell people what you love and what you want.
  9. On being an agent of change: “If it ain’t broke, break it.”
  10. On living and working in New Hampshire: There is a freedom here.  We can breathe.  There is life balance.  It is expansive and healthy. If you live here, it is important to engage in the community.  There is great reward to stay connected by getting out there and giving.