Working at an ad agency can be brilliantly overwhelming- client meetings, creative briefs, market research, story boards, site maps, rough drafts… you get the gist. At the end of the day we strive for happy clients and happy employees. Client satisfaction comes from the delivery of good work from the agency and from meeting and exceeding expectations. Employee happiness can sometimes be more complicated. We are all distinct individuals with different personalities, work styles and aspirations.

In an article he wrote for AdvertisingAge, Marc Brownstein explains the importance of taking time to get to know your employees and coworkers, as they’ll probably surprise you with hidden talents. It is then strategic to use those talents- nurture them- refine them.

Make your creatives accountable- make your accountants creative.

Not every office will have a hidden published author, accomplished artist or start-up mastermind, but there will most likely be diverse talents that are applicable to various jobs and projects to further help your clientele.

An important key to agency success is discovering and nurturing versatile skills among workers. Employees will feel inspired and empowered to share their talents that live beyond their job description. Probe your Account Execs for their input on a new ad design; have your web guys help give insight on creative briefs; ask your creatives to proof press releases.

Your work output as a team will improve as fresh minds and eyes bring diverse perspectives. Added bonus- your employees will probably appreciate you going the extra step to get to know them better.

I am happy to say that at EVR we have a very innovative and collaborative team. What do you think? Why? Show me. Sell it to me. Working together not only makes for happy clients- it makes for lots of smiles on Monday morning.

Image credit: BaseNow