It’s easy to let life, family and work get in the way of marketing your business. Many companies struggle to keep their marketing and social media up to date. Then try to compound that with content marketing, blogging and SEO?


Truth is that it doesn’t have to be a struggle. A few simple tweaks to your everyday routine can lead to an exponential increase in website traffic and leads. SEO is often an afterthought – but fact is, it could (and should) be baked in to everything you do.

Not just you and the web people – everyone in the company.

Here are a few tips to help keep your company in an SEO state of mind:

  • Quality links pointing to your company website are invaluable. Encourage a culture of “Link Thinking” and have employees ask for that important backlink to your website whenever possible.
  • Press releases provide an opportunity to plug in those keywords that you want to rank for. Any traffic to your website is potential business, and press releases are built for sharing.
  • Speaking of traffic, Blogs are a great entrance points to your site. Encourage employees to comment on your blog and other industry blogs. Also ask them share company content on their own social networks (with policy safeguards in place) and watch the traffic follow.
  • Don’t let your blog be a dead end, provide multiple contact points (web forms, email addresses, phone numbers) for prospects to connect with you or download an item of interest in exchange for their name and email. They may not want to purchase now – but you can be there when they are ready.
  • You know what you want to show up for on Google. Write new web pages and blogs that are about these topics. For example – I want people to think of EVR to help them get found on Google. [Hopefully, that’s what brought you here.]