On June 20th, Vine met its first true competitor—Instagram Video.

We live in a much more visual world now, and with that comes innovation: pictures, infographics, and videos tied with social media to strengthen brand presence. This is the new wave of sharable content, and brands are taking advantage of the various apps and platforms out there to better connect with their audiences.

For those who don’t have experience with either of these apps, users are able to create short videos, whether continuous or stop-motion, and share them across their social media accounts.

Those who will remain faithful to Instagram Video may do so because it is an extremely popular photo-sharing platform. By adding video capability, Instagram has strengthened its relationship with these current users, and probably reeled (see what I did there?) in some new ones. The video/photo combination is extremely compelling and convenient. However, because Vine hopped on the video train before Instagram did, they have captured some early-adopters and held onto them. Nonetheless, they seem to be struggling to gain true market share.

In the first week of Instagram Video, 14 of Interbrand’s top 100 global brands posted a video on the platform, as opposed to 7 of these same brands using Vine.

Notable brands using Instagram Video:

Ford, MTV, Disney, Intel, Cisco Systems, Avon, Burberry, Dell, eBay, Facebook, Gap, General Electric, Nike and Starbucks.

Notable brands using Vine:

Oreo, General Electric (they’re double dipping), Lowe’s, Urban Outfitters, Internet Explorer, Target, BBC and NBA.

Here’s a table for our left-brained friends:

Instagram Vine
Length Up to 15 seconds Up to 6 seconds
Add-ons Stabilization, tap-to-focus, 13 filters None
Editing Can delete and re-do clips None
Looping Does not loop Loops automatically
Facebook Plays right in Timeline Must click link to watch
Twitter Must click link to watch Plays right in feed


So what’s your preferred platform? And who are your favorite brands using them?

Photo credit: Flickr B Uncie