Every good advertisement has hidden potential beyond its original intent.  Angles that can extend the core need into new marketing avenues.  Here’s an example of doing just that by thinking bigger.

A few months ago, Nashua Community College began talking to us about a new TV ad to promote enrollment.  Something a bit different to stand out.  Something to show the great things going on at NCC in an engaging way.  We were excited about the opportunity and the intake for the project got rolling.

Dawn, our client, mentioned a music video approach.  Cool.  Great possibilities with that.  A lot to work with … students, campus, activities, interesting career opportunities.  She had a vision for the ad … “It should be fun, focus on the campus environment and promote the benefits of attending NCC in a unique way.  Maybe a Mumford & Sons style.”

The EVR team weighed in.  “We’ll need original music,” Jen said. “It should be a little quirky,” Margo added.  “Yes, but not hokey.” Alan pleaded.

The ideas were flying.  And so was the budget.  We’re talking music writing, lyrics, story-boarding, actors and auditions, two camera crews, site visits, meetings, editing.  Hmmm. Can we create a quality music video ad within a budget that will work?

So we took a few steps back and reevaluated.  Five of us in my office with a white board.  What additional elements can we create from this project to make this idea work harder and justify the investment?   How about adapting the music video for other purposes, like extended versions for an online admissions video and a live event intro piece?  An outtakes version to post on Youtube?  How about social media applications that will leverage the video into student engagement opportunities?  Maybe an on-campus contest for musicians to cover the song in their own style?

We were getting somewhere.  Already it was so much more than just a TV ad.  It was morphing into a broader concept … a suite of marketing assets to use in a variety of ways.  Hmmm … so much more … we could be onto something here.  NCC really is so much more than just a community college.  It’s contemporary, quality, rewarding, ambition, opportunity.  A lifestyle.

Bingo.  What started as a TV ad just grew up into a commanding marketing platform.

The applications for So Much More! as a brand message are now only limited by our imagination.  Which is just where it started.  By taking a challenge and using the imagination to turn it into a great opportunity for brand awareness, product differentiation and business growth.

There is more potential in almost everything we do each and every day.  Sometimes it’s a matter of looking at things a little differently and exploring the opportunities that lie beneath the surface. There’s nothing better than going the extra mile and realizing there’s more there.  So much more.

Check out the TV spot: