Machines are cool. They’re designed to carry-out specific tasks and they execute accordingly. A washing machine washes clothes, a printing press prints and a Delorean travels through time.

And that’s just what your website should be—a lead-producing machine. Leads, prospects, potential customers, people who dig your stuff, whatever you call them—your website should be identifying these people for you. These people pass through your site every day, and every web visit that slips away is a lead that didn’t convert.

These leads come in all shapes, sizes and at all stages of the buying process—awareness, relevance, comparison, valuation, purchase. It’s up to us to help identify and nurture these visitors until they’re ready to blossom into a customer. Below are five tips to help get your gears turning and flux capacitors started:

  1. Access Points: Strategically placed web forms, newsletter sign-ups, email links, Facebook likes, and phone numbers are all invitations for users to reveal their identity. Have the most important points of contact on every page and use Google Analytics to identify where prospects are spending time on your site.
  2. Landing Pages: Any form of online advertising (Facebook Ads, Pay-Per-Click, Display Ads etc.) should direct to a unique Landing Page. Sending traffic to your company homepage may be too general of an approach if you are looking for leads for a specific service offering. Users spend 80% of their time on a page above the fold. If you are selling a specific product or service, direct users to a page about that subject and keep the most important information toward the top of the page.
  3. Website Speed: If your website takes 4 seconds to load, you’ve probably already lost 25% of your site traffic. Pay attention to site speed using Google Webmaster tools, and leverage caching optimizers.
  4. Helpful Content: Now that you have the access points to receive the traffic, we need to get the traffic. Tell your story and offer information of value to your prospects, and they’ll reward you for it. By being a thought leader in your industry, you can assure prospects will think of you when it comes time to buy.
  5. Social Media: Content and Social Media go together like Marty McFly and high-tops. Every like, follow and connection you make is a prospective lead. Better yet, every piece of content you create that is shared on social networks drives valuable traffic back to your website. And its access points.

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