With the Super Bowl just under two weeks away, fans (whose teams are still in contention…) are keeping their fingers crossed to see their guys hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Even though you’d think the primary focus on February 2nd would be the actual football game, data shows people are actually more interested in seeing the commercials.

Venables Bell & Partners conducted a study of 1,000 people which showed that 78% are looking forward to the commercials, and almost half of those surveyed will seek out the ads online prior to the big game. 77% said they would even share their favorite ads on Facebook!

Moving more into the social engagement area, 63% plan to engage with some type of device during the game. 25% of respondents said they would use a hashtag if it was funny, even if they didn’t like the brand or commercial. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say we’ll see a lot more hashtags on the screen this year.

Rounding it up, 68% of viewers aged 18-29 think that social media enhances the Super Bowl experience.

If you feel outta the loop, check out USA Today’s Ad Meter to stay up-to-date on the most hyped commercials. They have a poll going on their site as well, and right now 45% say their favorite part of the Super Bowl experience is the commercials, and 42% say the actual game.

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