Most of us have probably, at one time or another, quoted the maxim “…can’t see the forest for the trees.” In other words, when you get too close to a situation, you may need to step back and gain a little perspective. You have focused on the details so much that perhaps you have failed to see the overall view, the key points, the essence of the issue.

I’m an Administrative Assistant here at EVR Advertising. That means I see most everything and how it all weaves together. While everyone else deals intently and deliberately on their jobs, I observe, watch, and listen. And you know what I see? Things other people don’t.

I do a fair amount of proofreading and editing here. I was a Professor’s Assistant in Graduate School and a full-time substitute teacher… I’m no stranger to reading and writing!

So when someone gives me a press release, a blog or a print ad to review for possible errors and clarity, I see their words differently. That’s because I am looking with fresh eyes without all the details on the author’s mind. I’m looking at the big picture and the overall outlook.

I always ask myself “Who is the audience and will they understand?” because frankly, sometimes I don’t. This is not a criticism against the creative writers. It’s just that sometimes we can get so close to the subject matter that the details creep into the big message. There is a time and place for the details of course, but also a time and place when they need to take a back seat for a moment.

By the time you read this, someone else has re-read it for me, making sure that I have made my point. The fact is that everyone is in a position to contribute to perspective, no matter what their official title is or where they sit in the company structure. Simply because of their fresh eyes and unique viewpoint.

What trees are in your forest?

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