You know you need a better mobile website presence. But commitment is scary. Once you take the plunge, you are in it for life. Or at least until you can convince your CFO it’s time to upgrade it again.

One thing is for sure—mobile is here to stay. Over 2 billion people will go online on a mobile device at least monthly in 2014. That’s more than six times the US population. With stats like that it’s obvious that it is more important than ever to cater a mobile experience to your customers’ needs so that your business goals are met.

But will a responsive mobile website do the trick? Or does a custom mobile app for customers to download from the App Store better fit the bill?

Here are a few quick Yes/No questions to help you decide

❑Yes ❑No        Do you want to require payment to access its features?

❑Yes ❑No        Does your site require a log-in for the end user?

❑Yes ❑No        Does it need access to a phone’s camera?

❑Yes ❑No        Does it need access to the user’s list of Contacts?

❑Yes ❑No        Does it need access to GPS Maps?

If you answered no to most of these questions, then you most likely do not need a mobile app. These applications mostly apply when components of a phone’s hardware are required to run them. If it can run off the internet, a mobile site is the way to go. A fully-responsive website will not only look great on mobile devices, but it will give you less maintenance headaches by opting to manage one universal platform.

Still want to make your website accessible on the home screens of customer’s smart phones? Simply ask them to “add to home screen” on all iOS devices, and your website link will appear as an icon for easy access. This icon can be customized with a simple line of code in the <head> section of your site source, so it really has that “app-eal”, as seen below:

<link rel=”apple-touch-icon” href=”iphone-icon.png”/>

After you’ve edited the icon, your viewers will have a lasershow mobile-browsing experience with a quick tap on their home screen.


Now that you’ve found your match, it’s the start of a beautiful relationship.

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