At the office, everyone knows that I love checking things off my list. I can’t help it. It shows me what I’ve accomplished throughout the day. I can’t believe I’m admitting this but I will write something down just to check it off, even if it’s a task I already completed.

Now that I’m a mom and getting limited sleep, I realize I need my lists more than ever. I’ve even started creating them for daycare, grocery shopping (by store), home improvement projects and packing for trips. If it wasn’t for the AnyList app that I can share with my husband, I would be lost. My lists keep me organized and help me prioritize my day.

As I look across the room in our weekly EVR production meetings, I see that everyone has a to-do list. Some are more unique than others, but everyone has their system.

Here are a few interesting types of lists I’ve come across:

  •  The “Rainbow” List—We’ve all had a color click pen at one point in our adolescent lives and now they allow us to write a to-do list in any color in the rainbow. With a click of a button, you can switch between purple, blue, green, yellow, pink, and red. It makes for a very colorful list.
  •  The “Me First!” ListHighlighters are most often used to draw attention to sections of typed text with a vivid, translucent color. I’ve also seen them be a tool for creating an effective to-do list by highlighting tasks with a particular color. Each color is a key for the level of priority: yellow – urgent, complete today; green – important, get done in the next two days; pink – needs to be finished this week.
  •  The “Ever-Changing” list—A pencil allows a list to change throughout the week. As a task changes for each project, a to-do list can be easily updated by erasing the prior task and penciling in the new task.
  •  The “Formal” list—For the A type personalities, a typed list is the cleanest and most organized to-do list I’ve seen. Simply, type up your list and update it on a daily or weekly basis.     

If you don’t use any of the methods I mentioned above, I’m sure you have a unique way to keep yourself organized and on track. And with today’s technology, it’s now easier than ever to manage tasks from a smartphone, tablet or email application. A few options I’ve found useful include Wunderlist, Any.Do, Remember The Milk, and Astrid.

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