The summer is finally around the corner. That means it’s time to break out the swimsuits and think about our bodies. To help you get ready, here’s our definitive ranking of the best bodies in NH.


1. lake-winnipesaukeeLake Winnipesaukee—The largest inland body of water in New Hampshire and a favorite getaway for over a century, “Winnie” is the granddaddy of them all. Did you know that this New Hampshire treasure has 288 miles of shoreline and 274 islands? That’s amazing. Which is exactly how its thousands of visitors annually feel about it. Plus, who wouldn’t love the lake that Jimmy Fallon named his daughter after?


newfound-lake2. Newfound Lake—Just twenty miles up the road, Newfound Lake is a religion to some.  “Great resting place” and “out of this world” says one diehard. Here’s some more of what you’ll read on Trip Advisor: clean and beautiful”, “gorgeous mountain views” and “the best place on earth”. You don’t hear this kind of talk every day, people!


lake-sunapee3. Lake Sunapee—This place was formed 11,000 years ago when melting glaciers left huge rocks all around the wooded areas. That’s really cool right there, but wait… there’s more. What other locale can say they’re home to two members of Aerosmith? Steven Tyler loves it so much that he brought none other than Oprah on a tour there (YOU GET A BOAT! YOU GET A BOAT! EVERYBODY GETS A BOAT!). He says Lake Sunapee is so picturesque, it “looks like a set on the Fox lot”.


4. Squam Lake—You don’t get more serene than being the nesting site for Common Loons, Bald Eagles and Great Blue Herons. ‘On Golden Pond’ was filmed there in 1981. That means that, yes, Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn were hanging out there. That really boosts the coolness factor. It’s the host location for what TV Guide said at the time was “a beautifully photographed movie”. ‘Nuff said.


rye-beach5. Atlantic Ocean—There is nothing like the salt air, the beach and the wide open waters. Whether your favorite is Hampton, Wallis Sands, Rye or New Castle, a warm summer day at on the seacoast is getting away from life at its best. It’s the real deal, but we share it with 13 other states and only have 18 miles of coastline, so “the pond” falls to number five on our list.




Summer 2014 is coming. So pick out your favorite New Hampshire body and have fun!

HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY… from your friends at EVR!