Yes, work is meant for work, but everyone should have some fun throughout the day. We’d probably all lose our minds if we didn’t. Looking at my desk, one may think it looks cluttered. I, on the other hand, consider it to be tidy, with strategically-placed, one-minute break-enhancing gadgets. Sounds intriguing, right? These “gadgets” are meant to let me take brief mental time-outs throughout the day.

Here’s my top-10 list (judging was based on multiple criteria).

10. Staedtler rollerball pen set
These pens make even the most novice doodle look like a Picasso. Plus, they come in cool packaging, making them very design-y and easy to get away with in a creative office space.

Lesson: Never ignore your itch to create. Also, doodling is good for you—check out Alan’s blog.

9. Collection of co-worker’s sons’ Hotwheels cars
No, I did not steal them. They accidentally end up in his bag from time to time. And I hosey them ahead of time, every time. They make cameos in Vine videos on occasion.

Lesson: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

8.  Baseball player figures
My mom got me these guys for Christmas… or maybe it was Valentine’s Day. Some baseball greats—Cal, Big Papi and Yogi. My weird Yankee fan co-worker likes to remind me of the NY on one of the #8’s hat. Whatever, I prefer to look past the pinstripes and appreciate him for his witty sayings.

Lesson: No matter what you’re doing, always find a moment to thank mom.

7.  Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
Think Silly Putty for grown-ups. Okay, maybe it’s just Silly Putty in a cool tin. But it works wonders for maintaining concentration. And lifting ink off of newspaper (it’s worth it for that, alone)!

Lesson: Don’t get aggravated if you can’t focus. It happens. Find ways through it.

6. Fake poop
No explanation necessary.

Lesson: Sometimes it feels good to laugh at grade school jokes.

5. Beer fund cup
Some work weeks are longer than others, even if they’re all 5 days long. Instead of just quietly parting ways at 5:00 on Friday, we like to enjoy a beer, unwind, discuss weekend plans, etc.

Lesson: It’s okay to indulge, responsibly (and if you paid your dues). And apply M-Th when necessary.

4. Nalgene bottle
Not just to offset the prior. Drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind.

Lesson: Besides what I just said, by having a cool water bottle that you like, you’ll be more apt to keep refilling it, and you’ll help save the planet! Double whammy!

3. Retro bike horn
I inherited this from Jeff, though I’m not sure he remembers that he gave it to me. Great at catching people off guard and instilling some excitement/confusion into the office.

Lesson: Keep your head on a swivel.

2. Rubber band gun
Best five bucks I’ve spent in a while. They’re just little rubber bands, so they don’t hurt as long as you’re not cruel. Create camaraderie and competition at the same time. Dynamic duo.

Lesson: It’s okay to turn your chairs around and have fun with coworkers (as long as no one’s looking).

1. Pedro Martinez bobblehead
Saved the best for last. Sorry, Pete, this is my blog, not yours. It’s a classic, so it provides some nostalgia and a reminder of home.

Lesson: Be proud of your roots.

Do you have any toys or items on your desk that help you concentrate, unwind, or laugh throughout the workday? If not, I challenge you to find some. In my opinion, they’re just as valuable as your to-do list.