When it comes to online marketing, it is definitely not one-size-fits-all. And that’s why we like it. Rather than just crafting the message to the tool, we can craft multiple targeted messages to a range of tools. Segmenting sub-audience’s based on a number of qualifying factors so we can have the best chance at engaging them.

Targeting Options for your Online Marketing Campaign:


SEO is the grand daddy of all online marketing so it’s funny that we left it off this list. The problem is you can’t buy your way to the top here; it takes a strategic mix of content production, an optimized website, back links to your website and some analytics work.

Space on Google’s results page is some of the most coveted real estate on the web. Rightfully so – as the top spot on Google’s results page draws 33% of all clicks on that page and the top three slots combined account for 61% of those clicks. Evidence that if you build it, they will click.

Why it’s Awesome: These people are actively seeking what you are selling and in most cases, further along the buying process.

Pay Per Click

Don’t have the stomach for blogging? Pay-per-click is where you can buy your way to the top. Although these ads are clicked much less than their organic counterparts, a paid text ad gets your brand in front of buyers on page 1. At an average click through rate of 2%, it’s up to you to convert that traffic to potential customers. There aren’t as many demographic tools available here but a strategic mix of keywords will segment the audience for you.

Why it’s Awesome: These people are actively seeking what you are selling and you see results the same day that you launch your campaign.


Demographic targeting has given display and banner advertising new life. Need to build brand awareness or have a great new product launch? Display ads might just be the perfect fit. Run an online storefront and have people abandoning items in their shopping cart? Remind those users of the product they were interested in with unique ads placed on the sites they visit.

Why it’s Awesome: Display ads are mobile friendly and can even be placed in apps.


We all know the world’s largest search engine is Google. But did you know the world’s second largest search engine is owned by Google? The rise of online video has sparked lots of interest in Google owned YouTube and they are cashing in on that traffic. Your video ads can be displayed on YouTube search result pages or even as a pre-roll on other YouTube videos.

Why it’s Awesome: Give your targeted message a voice, a soundtrack and a call-to-action. All to a unique audience.


Social media and advertisers have had a love/hate relationship over the years. While social offers the widest array of targeted tools, you have to be careful how you market on these platforms. If you don’t contribute to the conversations and provide value, your advertising could have an adverse effect. People may feel your message is intrusive and unwelcome. Leveraging and promoting content of value is the best recipe for success here.

Why it’s Awesome: Ads can now be placed in social news feeds – prime placement for maximum exposure.


While targeting your online marketing is indeed awesome, it’s only half the picture. Focus your ad copy, messaging and incentives for converting on these ads to each unique target. A/B test these elements to see which produce the best results, rinse and repeat.