Yes, you read that right. I prefer listening to local radio. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Internet or satellite radio. In fact, I was loyal to my “Awesome ‘80s” Sirius XM station for years. However, I recently ended that solid five year relationship in favor of rekindling the bond I once shared with my high school sweetheart, local radio.

I’m not alone. Radio continues to thrive, enduring the invention of TV, 8-track, cassettes, CD’s and iPod. In fact, digital audio listeners consume the same amount of traditional radio as podcast, online or satellite radio. According to Pew Research’s State of the News Media 2013, 92% of Americans listen to radio, averaging 2 hours and 48 minutes of AM/FM radio weekly.

Why did I switch? I missed connecting with radio in an intimate manner. From the brief segments of show host banter between songs, to news and traffic updates, local radio leaves me feeling connected to my community. It allows me to become part of the conversation on air in a way that internet and XM cannot. Internet and satellite radio definitely make up an important part of the audio landscape, but they’ve lost their place in my commute.

At EVR Advertising, we frequently utilize a media marketing mix that incorporates both traditional and non-traditional forms of radio. Being able to connect our clients with their constituents in the community via the radio continues to be a marketing strategy that offers a solid ROI.