I’m thinking today is going to be a Taylor Swift kind of day at work.

Thanks to Pandora radio, I can listen to the kind of music I want anywhere at any time. Today just happens to be Taylor Swift radio, which plays a mix of songs by Swift and other artists in that genre.

You see, I’m not just a media buyer who recommends Pandora to her clients, but I’m also a consumer. It’s kind of like Hair Club for Men, only for music listeners.

What’s best about Pandora? Clicking `thumbs down’ on a song that I don’t like and the short ad interruptions that me to get back to my beloved Taylor ASAP. There’s enough opportunities for advertisers to make Pandora part of the marketing mix for any business. Here are a few recommendations to get through to your target market on Pandora:

A national station, a local ad
Pandora is fascinating this way. No matter what singer or genre listeners choose, they can still be targeted by age, gender and zip code. When I hear an ad that specifically calls out my location, the ad usually has my full attention. A few examples that I have heard are, “Hey New Hampshire-ites!” and “Live or work in Manchester?” I feel like the ad is really talking to ME!

They’re Listening to Music, but Looking at Your Ad
Since Pandora typically plays in the background, it is important to have cool, cutting edge and different creative. Most likely, Pandora users are just changing the song, so as an advertiser, you only have a few seconds to grab the user’s attention with an ad placed on the website. Creative advertising can lead to higher click through rates and hopefully a better ROI for you.

What Can You Do in 30 Seconds?
Pandora offers users the option of watching one 30 second video ad in return for listening uninterrupted for up to four hours (Pandora doesn’t like to play music to an empty room – so if you haven’t interacted with the music player for a while, it asks if you are still listening).  It’s a deal I always take. When you get the chance to have someone’s full attention for 30 seconds, make it memorable.

Do you want to make sweet music to your target audience? Adapt your ads to speak directly to listeners in your community, design unique and attention grabbing display ads and create memorable online videos that will capture the full attention of users.