I woke up on Black Friday with 200 unread emails in my inbox. It is that time of the year.

Retail companies have tracked me down and now they are enticing me with deals for the holidays. It starts before Thanksgiving and continues through Christmas. So how do you get your message through to your target audience without it getting lost in the stack of emails piling up?

Email campaigns can produce a very high yield in terms of ROI. Don’t miss out and allow your email to get lost. Here are some best practices when it comes to email campaigns you should follow.

“Peak” Their Interest

It seems natural to think targeting your audience with an email first thing in the morning or while they are on their lunch break would get their attention. You are not alone. An Experian Marketing Service benchmark study showed the majority of target emailing is done Monday through Friday from 4 a.m. to noon. But here’s the thing: That’s not proven to be the most effective time.

The study showed consumers are more likely to open and act on emails sent on Saturdays and Sundays. Those are the days with the highest open, unique clicks, transaction rates and revenue per email. Consumers may not be working weekends, but you better be.

Please Read This… And Other Subject Lines That Are Not Effective

Choose your words and your message wisely when it comes to the subject line. This is your chance to grab a prospect’s attention. An exhaustive study conducted by the British message focus software group Adestra examined over 2.2 billion emails that were part of 90,000 email campaigns to find which words are effective and which are not.

Newsletter = Not an effective word in the subject line. Marginal open rates and below average click rates.

Alert = Very effective. High open rates and even higher click rates.

Why? According to the study, “the word `alert’ connotes activity – something that is happening now – and incites a sense of urgency in readers.”

Now That You Got Them Hooked, Don’t let Them Off the Line

Once you get a prospect to open the email, make sure there is something worthwhile there for them to keep reading. Whether or not they read the entire message is dependent upon the first few sentences. The ability to make a connection with a prospect when possible is better than cookie cutter pabulum that is usually ignored.

You Gotta Go Mobile

Statistics shows more people are using mobile devices than ever before to check their email, so make sure your email is mobile compatible. When you consider even the best email campaigns have no better than a 50 percent open rate, don’t fail to connect with as much of your target audience as possible.

More consumers are reading their email on mobile devices and they will respond. According to analytics by Litmus, 51 percent of email opens are from mobile. Even more impressive, Gmail or Yahoo! users are using mobile to open email 68 percent of the time.

The bottom line: Make sure your email campaign is mobile compatible.

Keep on Tracking

What subject lines grabbed your target audience? Where and how did they open their email? Trends change and you need to know how to take advantage. You need to know how to properly craft your email message, make it mobile friendly and analyze key analytics such as open rate, click through rate, bounce rate and conversion rates.

It that all seems overwhelming, come see us.

We even work weekends.