The EVR Digital team recently got word that Google would be implementing “Call Only” AdWords campaigns. We jumped with joy. We popped champagne bottles. We celebrated the great news.

What’s the excitement all about? And, why should you be excited?

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With mobile’s increasing popularity among web surfing, the effort to make mobile optimized text ads and landing pages has been ongoing. There is a major push with Google’s advertising platform to target mobile users, something extremely helpful for marketers and businesses moving forward because it means you can have a mobile only campaign that generates direct leads from the Google Results page.

In fact, the only real way to engage with “Call Only” advertisements is to make a phone call and become a lead. This eliminates landing pages and submission forms from the lead process – which is great news for businesses with a short buying cycle. After all, why make your prospective customers jump through hoops when they can travel a direct path to become a sale?

According to a study by Marin, a lead from a smartphone has a much better chance of turning into a lead than a desktop computer or tablet. “Call Only” campaigns will generate more leads from smartphones.

It’s important to note that being an early adopter of this type of technology can see immediate results by taking advantage of the curiosity factor. The ads look a little different and may be a point of attention when a user searches for your service. However, be aware that the user will be directed to a preset phone number on their keypad. If they choose to hit call, the call will be placed; but if they choose not to press the call button, you be still be charged for a click.

Ultimately, when the newness of the feature is gone, we expect businesses with a short buying cycle or ones that fill needs of immediacy to benefit the most.

For example, a jogger in Manchester is out for a morning run and falls, injuring an ankle. The injured jogger does a Google search for “Urgent care in Manchester” on his or her cell phone and sees an urgent care “Call only” advertisement. With one click, that injured jogger is connected with the urgent care center, instantly finding out the wait time and location before limping there for treatment.

But don’t pigeon hole this feature. Any business with a sales team that works well on the phone should love “Call Only” campaigns.

And, here’s even better news: “Call Only” campaigns are a free feature for all businesses with AdWords accounts above normal click costs.