Is video part of your marketing mix?

It should be.

According to a report by IT giant Cisco, 80-90 percent of internet traffic will be video from over 4 billion global internet users by 2018.

And people are not just watching the videos, they are responding to the calls to action in impressive numbers. An Online Publisher’s Association study showed 80 percent of online viewers have watched an ad online and 52 percent have followed by taking some sort of action, whether looking for more information, visiting the company’s website or purchasing the specific product.

Are you ready to take advantage? Posting an online marketing video to your business website and through social media is an opportunity to engage with a consumer who is specifically looking for your services. That’s a powerful tool in a culture that has a hard time staying engaged.

Statistic Brain has a great graphic on attention spans and two stats standout: 17 percent of users spend less than four seconds on a page, but the average length of a watched video on the internet is 2.7 minutes. Bottom line: A well-done and engaging video has a good chance to capture a viewer’s attention.

What makes good video? Creativity. It could be a how-to video, an educational video or something that simply entertains. It could all three. But it has to be creative and captivating. We had some fun putting together our introductory video by using kinetic typography.

Measuring your video’s performance can be done through a variety of metrics that can be as simple as the number views or shares. More advanced measures of engagement, such as the average viewing duration, drop-off rates and the video’s embedded location, can be more insightful. Combined, those metrics can help you understand how effective your video is in terms of leads and ROI.

Does it work? Vidyard sponsored a 2014 Benchmark report by Demand Metric showing advanced measures allow marketers to have a more complete understanding of the effectiveness of video.

One takeaway: 42 percent of participants using basic or no forms of measurement report getting better ROI through the use of video, but that number spikes to 61 percent of participants using intermediate or advanced forms of measurement. Another takeaway: Using multiple channels to host video (your own website and an external site like YouTube) yields better results.

Finally, 69 percent of the study’s participants are increasing their video budget. Why? Videos can lead to greater web traffic, higher conversion rates and sales or sales leads.

Well-done video makes consumers feel connected to your brand. They want to engage, share and are more likely do business with you. Used throughout the sales funnel, video can pique a potential prospects interest and, combined with a strong call-to-action, can convert them to a lead and, eventually, a sale.