Google is known for its on-going efforts in improving user experience – just look at its recent mobile algorithm update. Google’s ad extensions are part of this effort – they improve opportunity within text ads which, in turn, improve click-through-rates for businesses and, hopefully, increase leads.

  • The best part about these extensions: They are free! Why not take advantage of them?
  • Take a look at these features Google has to offer with its ad extension and see how they can help your business.


Sitelink Extensions

Your whole website has value, so why not promote more than just a single page? You can add Sitelinks to the bottom of your text ad to entice the user to click to high-value, high-action areas of your website beyond your front page. Direct them to pages where they can give you their information and become a lead. The great option for sitelinks is the ability to add extra lines of description. For example, the “Contact Us” link in the photo above could include “Fill out our form & we will respond within 1 business day”. Be aware that you are only given 35 characters per line of description.


Location Extensions

Want to be found? Location extensions are valuable for B2C businesses that conduct sales or perform services at a physical location, allowing users to see the address of a business. They also allow mobile users to click for directions to the location. Even businesses without B2C sales can benefit by showing they are “local”.


Call Extensions

Do people even make phone calls anymore? The answer is YES. With mobile usage overtaking desktop usage, adding a call button to your text ads makes it incredibly easy for mobile users to contact your business. At the press of a button, the user’s cell phone will bring up a phone keypad with your business’ phone number occupying the phone number field. All users have to do is click their phone’s call button and voila! They’re speaking with someone at your business. This is a great feature if your business has a solid sales team or requires a quick action.


App Extensions

With growing mobile usage, Smartphone apps are becoming part of our everyday lives. More than . So if your business has an available smart phone app, why not promote it? These ads can take a mobile user directly to either the Google Play store or the Apple app store to download.


Review Extensions

What? Google is being nice to us? Google has decided to be “nice” to advertisers with this extension. The review extension allows you to brag about your business by using a positive third party review to place in to your advertisement. For example, if your restaurant was reviewed by your local food publication, you could use a positive line from the article to help boost your text advertisement. Users are also able to click on the source to view the article, a huge benefit if your product requires people to do a lot of research on sellers before making a decision.


Callout Extensions

How can you show Google searchers you can provide them with value? The answer is with callout extensions. Callout extensions allow you to use a few additional “callouts” about your product or service to differentiate yourself from other competitors or ads.


Find What Works For You – And Use It!

While some extensions may not be compatible with your business, you should absolutely be using ones that will work. Take a look at the following example of text ads. The text ad on the top is using ad extensions, while the text ad on the bottom is not. Which ad is more appealing to you?

The top ad takes up much more space than the bottom ad, so users will naturally focus on it before other ads.  There is also more information included.

So go ahead and test a few of these out! They are free and will likely increase paid website traffic.