Sponsorships have become one of the “most important weapons in the more than $100 billion world of advertising.” There are many opportunities on which businesses can capitalize, including sponsoring teams, events, arenas, etc. Sponsorships are interactive and relevant, creating a dialogue with your target consumer in a place of their choosing.  As an example, look no further than the Facebook contest we executed for Irving Oil to capitalize on its partnership with the Boston Red Sox.

Irving Oil’s sponsorship package with the Red Sox included in-venue scoreboard signage, as well as the rights to use the Red Sox brand in their social media initiatives. One of the initiatives we created was serving ads to Facebook users during the month of May to give them the chance to win a “Red Sox DestiNATION” package. The results were astounding. Irving was able to increase page likes in the U.S. market by 12% and the ads were shared a total of 983 times.

Irving successfully found a way to reach its target consumers. If you’re between the ages of 18 and 65, live in New England, own a car, truck, SUV or motorcycle and are a Red Sox fan, then it’s likely that you saw the ad in your Facebook newsfeed. Need help figuring out whom to target? Creating personas is a useful tool in that process!

What determines a successful campaign? The answer is twofold:

  1. Irving specifically identified who it wanted to target, not only for this sponsorship but also for traditional media campaigns, including its radio spots.
  2. We helped successfully identify a sponsorship opportunity that would reach its target audience in an engaging way. Sports fuel a passion in people and sponsorships allow your targeted consumers to form a connection between that passion and your brand.

A successful sponsorship will have specific goals that allow it to be supported and leveraged through other media. Those goals should also be measureable when possible.  Irving chose a sponsorship that allowed it to engage its ideal consumers in a medium where they spend much of their time through a connection with an extremely popular brand.

It was a golden opportunity that Irving took full advantage of to get the results it desired.