Facebook announced Thursday that it has broken through the cement wall into Google territory. According to Facebook.com, users are now able to use the text bar at the top of a Facebook page to search for posts and content, trending and dating back years.

This is a major expansion on Facebook’s old search option and allows businesses better access to Facebook’s 1.2 billion users.

Are You Ready to Take Advantage?

Facebook’s search option, like many other “search engines,” is based on keywords. As a small business, keyword strategy needs to be put into your Facebook posts to utilize the power of Facebook search and be found by users.  Providing useful, viral and keyword rich content will be allow you to further monetize your social efforts because this new option allows you to present your valuable marketing content to more people than ever before.

Influencing Buyers Deep in the Sales Funnel

According to SocialTimes.com, 40 percent of social users buy a product after sharing it or marking it as a favorite on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook. Reviews will be easier to share than ever before and that means a lot when you consider so far in 2015, 68% of users surveyed by BrightLocal said positive customer reviews made them trust a business more.

That’s the good news.

However, easier access to reviews and comments about your brand also means you have to be more diligent than ever to your online presence management since every negative comment your brand has ever received will be searchable to the public.

So How Do I Start Using Facebook Search?

Keep posting content, but make sure your copy has your users in mind and is easily searchable. Think what a user might type into a search when looking for information.

For example, if you’re posting an article about your fleet of cars, maybe you can position the article as helpful content. If you expect a user to search for “Best car dealers in New Hampshire”, you could publish a post based on a happy customer review. Just be sure to include the phrase “Best Car Dealer in New Hampshire.”

Facebook currently has no data available on how users are searching its new feature, but until then, it may be worth using the Google Keyword Planner as a starting point. Keep in mind that if users want to search for an exact term within Facebook’s search feature, they would use quotation marks, requiring search results to be exactly as you typed them.

This expanded search option is another step in the continuing evolution of Facebook. It could be a potentially significant one for businesses as they look to connect with consumers.