LinkedIn is a rapidly growing platform with over 380 million users. You are not going to connect with every one of them, but there is plenty of opportunity to take advantage of a professional networking site that can provide direct leads to your website, as well as improve your search engine optimization and conversion rate.

A HubSpot study found that LinkedIn was 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook or Twitter, and a self-study conducted by AdAge found that “a properly executed LinkedIn marketing effort can yield up to a 20% conversion rate.”  With all of this data working in your favor, why wouldn’t you jump on the LinkedIn bandwagon?

InkedIn Infographic sm

The issue is a tale as old as time (or the dawn of the social media age): Businesses are not sure how to capitalize on the opportunities and measure their social efforts. Without fully understanding the potential available, it is hard to allocate any time or budget to the cause. In the LinkedIn audits we have done for clients, we have found that they understand that making a profile is not enough, but they don’t how much they really have to do.

Here are 3 Steps to Making Your LinkedIn Account More Effective:

1. When you create your page, make sure you fill out every section detailing who you are as a company.

While it sounds like common sense, a lot of pages are left unfinished. Take any guess work out of your costumer’s quest. If they don’t know exactly what you are from your LinkedIn page, chances are they’re not going to go to your website and try to learn more. They’ll just find someone else that made it easier for them.

2. Have your employees create their own profiles, Make sure they list your company as their current employers and link to your page.

This will help with your SEO as well as spread the word about your company to each employee’s own personal professional network. This will increase your likelihood to be top-of-mind when they need a service or product. Word of mouth and recommendations are always the number one way to a conversion and your employees’ profiles will provide recommendations.

3. Create and post valuable content to your page.

Whether you post blogs, job listings or news about your company, content will get your page noticed. If people see your content as something worth sharing, it will not only expand your reach, but generate even more leads and increase conversions. Have a schedule and post frequently. Keep the traffic flowing and the interest up.