Facebook’s message to businesses is clear: Adapt or lose out.

Adapt to the evolving ways Facebook limits communicating with users through organic posting or risk losing audience reach. And, considering Facebook has 1.2 billion users, that’s a lot of reach.

Facebook’s ability to target a specific audience within those 1.2 billion is highly effective, so it is well worth adapting to the changes. Organic is not out, but it is clear Facebook is pushing brands to buy space in a user’s News Feed.
Here are five reasons Facebook ads could be right for you.

1. The old way of reaching users is no longer as effective

Reaching audiences through organic posting was once the preferred way for businesses to reach target users. When everyone started doing it, Facebook saw users were being bombarded with posts in their news feed, burying more relevant posts.

Users were missing posts from family and friends and Facebook was missing out on a lucrative revenue stream. Something had to change, so Facebook started making it more difficult for businesses to reach their audience organically by revamping its ranking system. Facebook’s Brian Boland, their Ads Product Market team leader, makes a compelling case for the decision.

Organic posts can still be effective, especially if the content is helpful to users and compels them to share it. Another option is to pay to boost posts to get a greater reach, but that does not always guarantee the targeted audience you want.
With fewer organic posts being allowed through a user’s New Feed, the opportunity presents itself for brands to reach their target audience, even if it is more costly.

2. Facebook has amazing ad and targeting options

Facebook is versatile in the sense that it allows businesses to advertise not only with traditional image display ads, but also with videos, events, offers and mobile app install ads. Facebook has just about everything for just about everyone.

Facebook allows your business to strategically choose targeting options based on the data they have on your primary audience. With the information they collect – from the type of cars people drive, to how many children they have – the amount of available targeting options allow you to reach the most relevant audience possible.

3. Facebook lead ads will improve lead generation

Facebook recently launched a new type of ad that makes it easier for users to give you their information. Facebook lead ads are mobile display ads that when clicked, already have a user’s information inserted in the submission fields. This type of feature eliminates the step of filling out those annoying forms, giving users more of an incentive to submit their information.

4. Instagram Ads are growing in popularity

Worried that Millennials are leaving Facebook for Instagram? Don’t. Facebook owns Instagram, so you get the best of both worlds. According to a study done by Pew Internet, Instagram showed the largest growth from 2013 to 2014 among users. Instagram allows you to advertise apps, videos, and photos to users directly within the app. Like News Feed ads, Instagram’s ads blend in with other content posted by a user’s friends and can be shared.

And, just like News Feed ads, if an ad is useful or entertaining, the users may not even realize it’s an ad.

5. Carousel Ads will give users options

Facebook is good at being different from other advertising platforms and their carousel ads are great examples. Carousel ads give advertisers the ability to use multiple images to explain their product or service. Take Toyota as an example: They use the images to show different parts of their cars to try to reel people in. Scrolling through each image is a low commitment for users which means they are likely to engage with your ads.

Take it for a test drive
Facebook is continuing to improve advertising options and service, so it may be time to jump on the train and test out a few ads. It’s not free, but the investment doesn’t have to be great and the targeting options may work well for your business.