Is your website looking a little outdated these days? Is the content dry? What do the analytics look like? Are you generating any leads? How about that mobile bounce rate? Many factors come into play when deciding whether or not to redesign a website. Here are six key factors you should consider:

Google loves new and relevant content and the reward for anyone producing fresh content is a coveted spot high in the Google search rankings. Content should be added or changed on a monthly, if not weekly basis. Old content should be monitored and, in some instances, removed (see my post on ROT content). Beyond impacting where you rank in search engines, old content may not accurately portray where you are currently as a business. It might be time for an evaluation.

New Technologies
Web technologies advance at a rapid pace and design should be revisited at least every two years (if not sooner). Sometimes new technologies come along, like responsive web design, and make existing websites feel obsolete. When a website becomes obsolete it can fall behind in rankings, allowing competitors to dominate the market.

Visually Outdated
Design trends change as rapid as technology. A website may look completely dated if it is just a few of years old. How important is current design to most users on the web? One stat in the accompanying infographic from InstantShift claims 94 percent of people trust a company based on its website design. That cannot be ignored.

User Experience
User experience (UX) is a key to design. UX is not just about pretty colors and hover animations, but refers to overall website structure and functionality. A website should be built to function intuitively. Users don’t want to think, so don’t make them.

Lead Generation
Websites with a high bounce rate or low number of average pages per visit are strong indicators that users find the website is not very helpful or it is difficult to navigate. Conversions rates suffer and diminish ROI.

Well-built websites are easy to use and allow for a company’s growth. Being able to update navigation, content and easily refresh the overall design allows for a website’s longevity. You shouldn’t have to hire a developer to redesign your site anytime a bio or service line needs to be updated because you can’t use it.

If any of this sounds familiar, now might be the right time to redesign your website.