People want information when they need it and they don’t want to wait. Are you going be there to provide it to them?

Micro moments are those fleeting moments in the day when people want information instantaneously, usually on a mobile platform. These moments are part of the journey when consumers are researching purchases and actively engaging with brands. How you are able to connect with consumers at these points can guide how their journey ends.

As the buying power of millennials continues to grow, video has never been more important when setting strategy to connect with consumers. A study by the video creation service Animoto found that seven of 10 millennials are likely to watch a video when shopping online.

So how can your video strategy take advantage of micro moments to be relevant and useful to people?

1. Be ready: Identify your audience’s goals and how your brand relates.
Identify your target group – creating personas is a good way to do that – and create video content that matches the needs, wants and interest of that group.

2. Be helpful: When your audience is searching for useful content give them the answers they are looking for.
Useful videos add value and are relevant with each consumer’s journey. Lucas Watson, Google’s VP, Global Brand Solutions & Innovations, breaks down useful video to take advantage of micro moments into four types.

3. Be quick: They’re called micro-moments for a reason.
Consumers want to get the information quickly and efficiently. Develop content that is informative, but does not demand too much a consumer’s time. Lowe’s created a six-second helpful video it posted on Vine that was retweeted hundreds of times.

4. Be out there: Let your audience find you even when they are not looking.
Use search and demographic targeting to place video ads that connect with viewers based on their intent or the context in which they are searching. Maybe it’s not shouting about your product, but just entertaining your target audience like Carlsberg did with this video.

Brands that understand the consumer journey and are able to create relevant, useful content to take advantage of micro moments will be considered useful and trustworthy, establishing immense brand equity in a time of infinite consumer choice.