After testing select markets, Facebook globally launched a new way for users to show their feelings towards posts or ads today that is more expressive than the traditional Like.

The new feature is called Facebook Reactions and allows users to express a deeper reaction beyond the Like. Users now have the option of selecting Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry.


Source: Facebook


To react to a post, users simply hover over (for desktop) or hold down (for mobile) the Like button and select the icon that represents the emotion they want to share.

The Closest Thing We’ll Get to a Dislike Button

For years, people have been pleading with Facebook to create a “Dislike” button. Well, this is it. Users are no longer limited to a Like to acknowledge a post, but can now be more expressive.

How Will This Affect Brands?

Brands need to pay special attention to Reactions. This new feature allows users an option to negatively react to posts or ads. Though not as bad as negative comments, all users will now be able to see a visual on the total number of Reactions, which could damage brand reputation.



facebook reaction image 1

Visual Reactions: Only 3 People are angry with my post: Phew!


Final Thoughts

Reactions are a fun feature for Facebook users and another way brands need to be aware of how their posts are being acknowledged.

Everyone has an opinion and can now show it without posting a positive or negative comment. Multiple Angry or Sad Reactions will reflect poorly on a brand, which may force businesses to hide posts more frequently. (We recommend hiding the post instead of deleting, in order to reference the copy, creative and data so you don’t repeat past mistakes).

Reactions will undoubtedly be more powerful than just showing you Like a post. It’s up to brands to make sure those Reactions are less of Angry and more of Wow.