The danger of paralysis by analysis is real for anyone trying to sift through all the available data to measure the success of a digital campaign or the efficiency of a website. The numbers are supposed to help tell a story, not make you feel like you’re back in Statistics 101.

The reality is that turning data into useful information is a challenge that can sometimes lead to more questions than answers. How do you avoid getting lost in the numbers and end up staring blankly at a spreadsheet?

Google may have found the answer with its recently-released Data Studio – a data visualization and reporting tool to help translate the numbers into meaning.


Users familiar with Google Analytics can now create custom dashboards with useful charts and tables that can easily help analyze the performance of a website or campaigns to make better decisions.

The beauty behind Data Studio is that it can bring in numbers from various sources – Google AdWords, Google Analytics and YouTube – to form a more complete picture to measure your PPC campaigns, SEO and video work.

You can see trends via graphs, show traffic by locations with maps, analyze referral traffic using a pie chart or even look at demographic data in a bar graph. And that’s only scratching the surface.

Ready to tell a better story? Google account users can sign in and try Data Studio.