Ok, I admit it. I’m a fan of professional wrestling.

Atomic drops, body slams and steel cage matches. I love it all. And, I have learned from it. Yes, inspiration can sometimes come from the most unexpected places.

So, here’s my 5 Digital Marketing Tips inspired by the world of professional wrestling. Believe it or not, your digital campaign and professional wrestling are more similar than you might think.

  1. Social Media: Timing is Everything

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has over 500 million followers on its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Jayar Donlan, WWE senior vice president of digital and social content, says there are three tenets to the company’s social strategy: engagement, authenticity and timing. “Timing,” Donlan said, “is everything.”

Chances are you’re already on social media, but make sure to take advantage of each platform by reaching your audience in real time. By allowing social media to be your first source of customer service, the information will be available when your fans both need it and/or want it.

  1. Account Optimization: Learn, Grow, Evolve

John Cena, in his jorts and sneakers, is a WWE icon. But Cena came out in red spandex wrestling tights, kneepads and wrestling boots when he made his WWE debut in 2002. Call it A/B testing.

The core of Cena’s personality – his determination and spirit – resonated with fans (consumers); it was the way the message was packaged that needed to change. When that happened, the WWE had its next superstar.

What changes do you need to make? Hopefully they won’t involve red spandex pants or jorts.

  1. Story telling: Shock Sells… But There Are Other Ways

The WWE grabs the attention of consumers and keeps it by providing the Shock Factor. Nobody did it better than Stone Cold Steve Austin. He made sure every segment was memorable and shaped his chaotic and mischievous persona. Thousands of beer cans, hundreds of stone cold stunners and one Zamboni ride later, WWE’s antihero had become the most popular wrestler to date.

You don’t need to be that extreme, but any business needs to find something that makes it stand out from the crowd. If that happens to be an atomic elbow off the top rope, more power to you.

  1. Branding: Building Legends

Memorable brands build their legends by creating an aura that attracts, includes and, ultimately, grips its audience.

After his debut in 1990, The Undertaker’s chilling presence not only captivated the audience, but eventually earned the emotional investment of each fan thanks to (arguably) the greatest winning streak in sports history (21 straight wins at Wrestlemania). It wasn’t surprising how invested fans had become and it was that emotional investment that made the loss to Brock Lesnar, breaking the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania winning streak, shocking and painful to them.

Credit the WWE: The Undertaker’s popularity remained strong and Lesnar’s star rose dramatically… as did WWE ratings.

  1. The End: Finish Strong

Much like your campaign’s return-on-investment, the highest payoff in wrestling is gained by the most effective and memorable finishing moves. Take, for example, Jeff Hardy’s Swanton Bomb. The high risk move is nothing less than an athletic spectacle and builds enthusiasm and interest among the fan base every time it’s executed.

What’s your finishing move? You win consumers and build your brand when you know how to finish.

And you don’t need to jump off the top rope to do it.