Twitter launched in 2006; by 2014, “Hashtag” was officially added to Webster’s Dictionary. Now hashtags seem to be everywhere and networks have not been shy about jumping on board.

ABC has been using #TGIT since 2014 for its Thursday lineup along with branded hashtags for other popular programs such as the #Bachelor and the #Bachelorette. Some additional branded hashtags gaining traction include: #TheVoice, #SharkTank, #Suits and more. Branded hashtags continue to get more creative and can show up multiple times in a single episode. But which hashtags used on TV are picking up momentum and which ones are just another blip on a screen?

To learn more I tracked the hashtags that showed up on my screen while watching the season finale of Survivor. There was something nostalgic about tracking hashtags on a show that will airing its 33rd season this fall.

I used RiteTag to gather analytical information about specific hashtags. For those who don’t know, RiteTag is a social media marketing AI that provides real time analytics on hashtag performance.

Here’s how the Survivor hashtags performed throughout the night.

1.The episode started out strong with #SurvivorFinale averaging an estimated 54 unique tweets per hour, 29 thousand impressions per hour and 88 retweets per hour. These numbers continued to grow throughout the time the episode aired.


2. #ImmunityChallenge did not perform as well with an estimated average of four unique tweets per hour, 62 impressions per hour and less than one retweet per hour.


3. #TribalCouncil surprisingly performed about the same as #ImmunityChallenge even though it was fairly eventful. It had an estimated average of four unique tweets per hour, 75 impressions per hour and less than one retweet per hour.


4. #FinalTribal performed better than both #ImmunityChallenge and #TribalCouncil with an estimated average of 12 unique tweets per hour, three thousand impressions and 38 retweets per hour.


5. #ByeMark performed better than all the other hashtags except for #SurvivorFinale. This hashtag had an estimated average of 83 unique tweets per hour, 150 impressions per hour and 21 retweets per hour.


6. And finally, RiteTag was unable to pull any data for #Final3 and #MichelleHasSpoken so I would make the assumption this hashtag really didn’t pick up any traffic.

It makes sense that #SurvivorFinale would be the most successful hashtag as it combines both the name of the show and the conclusion of the season. Hashtagging the show you are tweeting about is pretty standard as far as tweet compositions go.

It also makes sense that #ImmunityChallenge, #TribalCouncil and #FinalTribal all performed fairly average. Immunity challenges and tribal councils occur every episode, so something momentous has to happen in order for these hashtags to gain much traction.

The real surprise came from #ByeMark. This hashtag was unique to the season and referenced the name of a chicken that lasted an entire season on the island without being eaten by the contestants. Throughout the season the chicken would get more air time and in honor of making it on the show for so long, one of the contestant’s was allowed to bring him to the finale where everyone could say their last goodbye for the season.  While no one was using #ByeMark before the season finale, people were talking about Mark the Chicken throughout the season.

#ByeMark was a perfect example of a hashtag gaining momentum by building on a conversation the target audience was already having.