Modern digital marketing allows us to use information far more effectively than ever before. By using the data you already have from past sales, social media and other sources, you can create offers that fit all of your customers.

This makes every marketing endeavor more effective and increases the chance of winning the sale and forging a long customer relationship. In fact, a Janrain study shows nearly three out of four online consumers get frustrated when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests.

Here are 5 reasons why personalized marketing is so important:

  1. It can protect your customers from information overload.
    Your customers are probably not interested in every single item that you sell. So, why not offer a curated experience and feature the products that, based on past purchasing information and other data, are most likely to be things that they want?By offering a feature section with personalized selections, you can make it easy for them to find what they want and give customers a smoother shopping experience. And it’s good for business: An Econsultancy study showed businesses that personalize the consumer experience see an average increase in sales of 19 percent.
  2. It make customers feel special and connected to your brand.
    Opening an email that is addressed specifically to you and seeing products that fit your tastes and budget is a pleasant feeling. When your customers see a marketing message that is tailored to fit what they are likely to want, they feel like you understand them. When they know they are going to be treated as individuals, rather than part of a demographic, consumers are not only going to give you their personal information, but they are 3.3 times more likely to click on those emails.
  3. It opens opportunities for up-sells and cross-sells.
    A customer who just purchased a pair of snow boots may also need a hat and some gloves. Someone who is buying garden lights may also be interested in lighted walkway stones. By offering just the right product at the right time, you can increase your sales and give your customers more of what they want. E-receipts with up-sell and cross-sell features have the highest click and transaction rates.
  4. It makes your marketing more cost effective.
    Personalized marketing can be five to eight times more effective than generic marketing. By making every marketing campaign more effective, you can increase the return on your marketing spend. Over time, you will save a great deal of money while getting a longer customer lifespan and a higher spend throughout it.
  5. Chances are, your competitors aren’t doing it.
    Experian found that 70 percent of companies do not personalize their marketing emails. This means that not only is your marketing better and more effective, it’s much better than the messages that your customers are getting from everyone else. When you provide a better experience, you can win customers’ trust and their business.