Social media, either paid or organic, has become a necessary part of any strategy to drive traffic to your website. But how do you know what you are doing on social media is working?

Facebook and Twitter have made it easier for companies to measure social media engagement with readily available insights about post and tweet activity. However, according to a new study, 59% of users who share a link on social media never actually read the content. This startling metric stresses the importance of measurability beyond what is being shared or retweeted. Such as:

Who’s actually clicking to the landing page?

How much time are they spending on your site?

And, where are they going next?

While Google Analytics alone can provide some insight, you can better track engagement and answer those imperative questions by using Google Analytics in conjunction with UTM Codes and Google Tag Manager.

UTM Codes

If you’re looking to successfully measure traffic from your social posts to your website, take advantage of UTM codes. UTM codes are unique parameters you can add to your URL to give you the ability to track exactly where a visit originated, including medium, source and campaign. You can even get as specific as using a content parameter to include small variations between posts, such as different images. Tracking users through Google Analytics will tell exactly how many people visited your site via your social posts, as well as specific behaviors such as site usage.

Google Tag Manager

Event tracking is a great way to take your measurement to the next level. Using Google’s Tag Manager, you can easily track advanced user behaviors by creating tags (bits of code) for specific conversion points. Whether you want to measure intent with high opportunity clicks on important links or hard conversions with on-page form submissions, you can quickly build and easily update these event tracking tags. You’ll be free to add, test and publish tags as you please without worrying about breaking your website!

Establishing an efficient workflow is just as important as accurately tracking chosen KPIs. By effectively using UTM Codes and Google Tag manager, you will not only be able to show how many visitors took those extra steps of intent, but track which social posts drove them to your website.

That’s next level engagement.