Consumers have too much access to information to waste time on content that does not immediately interest them. Depending on who you are trying to engage and what channels you are using to engage them, the time you have to convert people into fans or consumers is limited. How limited? Well, according to Margo Georgiadis, Google’s president of the Americas, the best results on YouTube occur in the first six seconds.

What can you do in six seconds? Here are five ways you can use content to quickly grab the attention of users and convert them into fans of your brand.

1. Humor

Humor can make a big difference in your content marketing. Consumers love humor, so making it part of your marketing efforts is likely to garner a positive reaction towards your company. It is important to make sure you know your target audience will receive it well. Innocent, a smoothie company, uses humor when marketing across all platforms. Their website is a great example of how to not take yourself too seriously – using phrases like “call the banana phone” or “useful stuff” as directions to links on the website draws attention to the company and their quirky, offbeat humor. Their site even features a “compliment generator” to help build a positive relationship with consumers. Innocent’s marketing efforts have created a connection between happiness and drinking their smoothies, a clever way to get customers feeling good about your product.

2. Education

Be an expert in your field! More and more people are turning to the internet for answers every day. If your company offers great products as well as credible industry-related information, then you will have a leg up on your competition. Whether you offer your own educational content for consumers or curated content, consumers will start looking to and trusting you for reliable information relevant to your industry. A great example of this is Whole Foods, who provides informative blogs about healthy living, trending foods and other topics related to natural and organic grocery products. By educating consumers about topics like healthy food choices, they are able to reaffirm their position as “America’s healthiest grocery store.” The educational blog demonstrates that Whole Foods has their consumers’ best health interests at heart. Their educational efforts have reaffirmed Whole Foods’ position within the community as a much healthier option for groceries compared to other stores like Hannaford and Shaw’s.

3. Ease of Communication

Get personal with your customers. Technology continues to bring people from all over the world together, offering opportunities for companies to better communicate with their customers. Supply multiple platforms of communication for your customers, including the most recent social media, as a form of customer service. Top brands like Xbox have begun dedicating a separate Twitter, in Xbox’s case it is their @XboxSupport account, intended solely for customer service. To improve consumer satisfaction, it is important to be accessible and make sure you respond in a timely matter. Consumers love getting a quick response. A delayed response time can foster a negative response among consumers who have grown to appreciate instant gratification in an increasingly fast paced society. Technology has created the need for speed, and you will get left in the dust if you do not sustain quick, concise communication with consumers.

4. Humanize and Engaging content

Everyone wants to feel included, and your customers are no exception. Try to create a campaign that makes your customers feel unique yet part of something. Take Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetic line for example. The brand gained a lot of hype this year on social media. Sharing content on social media with a simple hashtag, like Kylie did with ‘#kyliescosmetics’, can get customers sharing photos of the product, their results and opinions. Encouraging consumers to share how they use the product and how it accommodates their lifestyles are great ways to get an audience talking about and sharing your content. It opens up the opportunity for customers to do the advertising for you through Facebook posts, Instagram pictures, Snapchat stories and other platforms. These activities create consumer generated content, which is one of the most effective ways to advertise your product. When your brand begins to do the work for you, you know your marketing efforts have been successful.

5. Front End Innovation

Get your consumers more involved! Front end innovation ties in with humanizing and engaging content. It is all about reaching out to your consumers and having them come up with their own marketing or product ideas to give to you. One of the best ways to get consumers involved in your marketing efforts is through social videos. You can create marketing videos for products, events, community outreach, a day in the office, and more. But you can also encourage your audience to create social videos for your organization as part of a contest, sweepstakes, or any other program with incentives to participate. Consumers know what they want; it is up to you to listen! Many companies have done this and have found overwhelming success. Lays has been actively using front end innovation to work with their consumers to come up with new products and ideas, even crediting the creators for their innovation. Consumers eat it up.