Struggling to select the right font for your website or other design? Congratulations, at least you recognize the impact font choice can have on your visitors.

Select a script font that’s too difficult to read and you’ll have visitors scrambling to close your website tab. Choose something that’s too “elementary” (ahem, Comic Sans) and you’ll have a hard time getting people to take you seriously.

Here’s the good news: There are a few timeless fonts that should always work well on your site. Check out these three classic sans serif and serif fonts that won’t go out of style.


Because it is one of the very few web-safe fonts, Arial is a san serif typeface that is widely used, but it does have a dubious history. Arial was originally created as a look-a-like version of Helvetica by companies looking to avoid the license fees that came along with Adobe’s monopoly over high-end typeface. Its weight and proportions are almost identical to Helvetica and their differences are almost indistinguishable. Today, it is a standard typeface that is recognized by anyone who has access to a computer. Companies around the world employ the simplicity of the typeface, whether it be on websites, product design, signage, packaging, etc. Arial and its varying weights are a go-to for any of your design needs.


News Gothic is another timeless sans serif font to consider for your next design. News Gothic is surprisingly older than Helvetica, having first been introduced in 1908, and has a similar style to Helvetica, though it is narrower and slightly less bold in its design. News Gothic comes in bold, condensed and even extra condensed styles, so it can be customized to suit your specific design needs. This font is perhaps best known for its use in the famous Star Wars opening crawl and closing credits. In fact, there was quite a font controversy surrounding the opening of Stars Wars: The Force Awakens. So, if you want a classic font that also serves as a nerdy nod to an equally timeless film, this is your go-to.


Looking for a serif font that’s just as classic as any sans serif option out there? If so, then you can’t go wrong with Garamond Premier. While somewhat similar in style to the Times New Roman font (which is standard on many older computers), this font has a less generic look and makes more of an impression on readers with its understated elegance and easy readability. This typeface was released in 2005 as a revival of the world-renowned Garamond, which was designed in the 1500’s by Claude Garamond. Like the original, its design is timeless, and it’s safe to assume that its effortless effectiveness will endure throughout time.

While there are dozens of classic fonts to choose from, these three are among the most timeless and functional choices in the world of web and graphic design. The next time you’re in need of a stylish yet “safe” serif or sans serif font, be sure to keep these in mind!